For us, taking care of the environment is as important as having a healthy diet and caring for your own body. 

We are always looking out for a way to be more sustainable while sourcing our raw materials.

Our Meats

The meat we currently use for the production of our ragu is usually sorted as locally as possible: 

  • Beef

  • Pork 

  • Lamb 

  • Venison 

What do we look out for: 

- RSPCA Assured Meats

- Quality Meat 

Cows in Pasture


Screenshot 2020-10-05 at 17.05.47.png

DB Foods is our main meat wholesaler for Beef, Pork and Lamb.


Press on the logo to discover their initiatives against animal cruelty.

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All our Venison comes from Highland  Games, Scotland (Dundee). 

Going Vegan

We totally support our vegan friend and customers. 

That's why we try to be as sustainable as possible while making our vegan product as well. 

So of course, we do not use any flavouring, palm oil or artificial ingredients to make our Seitan Ragu... we use Seitan with tasty ingredients!

Seitan Ragu

WHy Seitan

Seitan it's not the devil... but we must admit that we also mispronounce this word, as Italians. It's Say-tan.

Seitan is made from wheat gluten and it is commonly used as a meat substitue.


It is usually a high-protein, low-carb alternative to animal protein.

For our Vegan Ragu alternative, we did not want to use soy because we did not want to contribute in any way to the huge deforestation ongoing in south America. In fact, we do not use soy for any of our prodcuts. 

why Glass Jars?

Glass jars have a couple of disadvantages: 

- they weigh a lot, which means shipping costs more. 

- they can break and become and hazard

However, we like to focus on the ADVANTAGES

- completely and fully recycable

- you can see what's inside 

- you can reuse the jars for whatever you like. 

- In glass jars it's just how grandma used to make it.

Plus.. they look adorable. We had considered pouches but we could not find any that is completely recycable. 

Epronto ragu selection
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