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Enjoy the traditional flavour of Italian cuisine, delivered directly to your door. 


  • Practical: Simply pour on top of cooked pasta and enjoy. No need for further preparation - the meat is already inside

  • Healthy: No sugar, colouring, or artificial flavouring has been added. No artificial preservatives have been added either. 

  • Traditional: It's our Nonna's recipe, made with love, by hand.

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We value your feedback

I tried the Seitan Ragu - would highly recommend and I'm looking forward to trying some of the other dishes now

Tased amazing and so easy to make as a quick lunch or dinner!

I've tried Bolognese and Lamb Ragù, Venison is the next one I'll try on very, very soon

Delicious!! It's so authentic in taste. No artificial additives make the difference.

I strongly recommend it, as for me it's the BEST ragù you can find on the market!!

A pleasure from ordering through to eating.

The ragu’s are great, I add a little black pepper and grated GP cheese on the spaghetti after stirring the sauce through and it’s just epic.

If you’re “umming and ahing” about these, just do it!

I had this new sauce for me, I never had it before and It was so taste. I would recommended to all my friends.

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