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Bolognese Ragu

Made with Beef & Pork minced meat, this is the delicious Bolognese you would find on your spaghetti or Lasagna at the restaurant.

Discover the antique flavour of Venetian plates, our ragu has simmered for a long time for you to taste a succulent sauce in all its flavour.

Lamb Ragu

Made with delicious Lamb mince, this Ragu has a delicate taste and goes extremely well with Gnocchi.

With a rich texture and unique taste, this is ideal for grown-ups and children.

Venison Ragu

Made with  Scottish Venison mince, carefully prepared and cured. This ragu has a decisive taste, almost strong. Full of flavour and character is perfect with pappardelle or tagliatelle.

Ready to use - Gluten & Dairy Free - No Added Sugar or Preservatives

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