Easy Dinner with Ragú

It's evening, you just came back from work.. you are exhausted, the sole idea of getting the pots out and start chopping vegetables makes you cringe.

You recall what you ate for lunch and mentally agree you kinda need a more substantial dinner, and your stomach growl in agreement.

You open the cupboard looking for something to munch on in the meantime and you see a Venison Ragú jar.

" oh wait, this is an easy dinner!"

Relieved from not having to cook and knowing that in 15 minutes you'll have a delicious pasta ready, you take out the pasta pot.

There is not time to waste, you fill up the kettle to speed up the process.

Pot's on the stove with boiling hot water you add salt and drop the pasta through the bubbling water.

You almost forgot to set the time! 10/12 minutes for those spaghetti!

Stir a bit then focus on finding something cool to watch on the telly.


That was fast! Pasta is ready.

You quickly strain your spaghetti, empty half a jar of ragú in the hot pot and pour the now drained pasta on top... maybe you made a bit much? Perfect for lunch tomorrow!

For a richer taste, you add a bit of Olive oil and Parmesan Cheese on top. Stir it up nicely and now relax with you show and a perfectly cooked plate of Venison Ragú spaghetti.

You earned it!

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