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Don't worry about reordering for favourite ragu every month: automate! 

We know your time is precious and we are all about saving it! 

Perfect for pasta dishes, ragu recipes and so much more.. 

Check out our plans below!

Which plan is perfect for you?

  • Couples Dream

    Every month
    Monthly subscription
    • 2 Bolognese Ragu (250g each)
    • 2 Lamb Ragu (250g each)
    • 2 Venison Ragu (250g each)
    • Get 6 jars each month. Easy.
    • Free delivery
    • Perfect for easy date nights throughout the month!
  • Best Seller

    Happy Family

    Every month
    12 delicious mixed ragus to get you going through the month!
    • 3 Bolognese Ragu 250g
    • 3 Mediterranean Ragu 250g
    • 2 Venison Ragu 250g
    • 2 Seitan Ragu 250g
    • 2 Lamb Ragu 250g
    • Perfect for families with 1/2 children!
  • Hungry Family

    Every month
    500g Jars selection.
    • 3 Bolognese Ragu (500g)
    • 3 Lamb Ragu (500g)
    • 3 Venison Ragu (500g)
    • Perfect for families with 2+ children. Easy dinner for all!

Please keep in mind: The subscription plan DOES NOT automatically expire. If you wish to stop your subscription, which you can do at any time, you will need to manually request the subscription to end.

You don't see the perfect option for you?

Please let us know below what be and we'll get our team to work!

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