Pizza Wheels

This is a nice and extremely simple recipe to make a snack or a tasty lunch for children and adults alike

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Serves 4 portions


Pizza dough

water 280 grams

strong flour 600 grams

salt 10 grams

vegetable oil 40 grams

fresh yeast: 25 grams  or dry yeast 7 grams

2 fresh Mozzarella cheese or Cheddar cheese

2 jars of EPRONTO MEDITERRANEAN (or Any Ragu)


Prepare the pizza dough, by hand or using a food processor, as you prefer.

Use warm water (at 40 degrees), add oil to it.

If using fresh yeast, add it to warm water.

If using dry yeast, follow the instructions on the yeast packaging: some need to be reactivated in warm water (use the one for the recipe, or part of it), some need to be added to the flour and not to the water.

If using a food processor, pour all the ingredients except salt, and knead.

If kneading by hand, pour the flour in a big bowl, other ingredients in the middle, start using a fork then knead by hand.

In both cases when you have a ball formed, add the salt, then knead a bit more: some minutes by hand, just one with the food processor: your dough should be smooth and elastic. If it is sticky, add a bit more flour.


Dust with flour a big bowl, transfer the dough in it, cut a cross on top with a sharp knife (it helps you to check if it is rising properly), pat it with wet hand, cover it with cling film to prevent the dough to become dry.

Let it rise in a warm place (not hot): the oven with the light on is warm enough. Depending on the yeast, it could rise in a couple of hours or longer.


Divide the dough in two equal parts (they are easier to manage), and roll them with a rolling pin on a well floured surface, or on a silicone mat or directly on parching paper: it will help to roll the dough later.


Switch the oven on, max temperature (250 degrees C).


Pour a one jars of your favourite 250g Ragu (Mediterranean works very well) on each half of the spread dough, spreading it evenly. 

Make sure you leave 2 cm of 'clean' dough on one long side, cover it with grated mozzarella or cheddar in slices.


With the help of silicone mat or parching paper roll the dough starting from the long side with seasoning, and finish on the side with nothing: the filling will cover everything.


Place a muffin paper in each hole of the muffin tray, cut the roll in 12 slices and put each one in a muffin cup. Repeat with the other half dough.

When the oven is hot, bake for 17 minutes. 




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