Family Meal

Perfect for your Family

Children are just adorable.... except when they are hungry.

Scream and tantrums are not unknown to parents, and if you are a parent, you know you need to be quick to get food on the table! 

So, make dinner time an easy and enjoyable moment for the whole family with EPRONTO Ragu: healthy meals ready in under 10 minutes!

We have the perfect choice for EVERYONE!

  • Delicate palates (we recommend Lamb Ragu)

  • Special dietary requirement (most of our products are gluten and Dairy free)

  • Vegan (Seitan ragu!) 

Have a look below!

Sleepy Baby

Mamma's Helper

Perfect solution for new parents!

New parents, we know you have A LOT on your hands. 

Babies are hard work, they require time, patience and a lot of love! 

🌟Let us tell you, you are star! 🌟

You constantly put everybody's else needs before your own.

You deserve some time for yourself.

So save time on the cooking, we can take care of that for you, with traditional, authentic and genuine Italian Ragu, with no preservatives or added sugars. Just as Grandma would make it.


Bolognese Ragu

- kids favourite -


Traditional and artisanal recipe, with Beef & Pork. 


You would order it at the restaurant, and now you have it available for the whole family with our 500g jars! 

Easy dinners and happy kids.


Naturally Gluten & Dairy-Free. No preservatives, sugars or artificial ingredients.

children easy meal
Epronto Lamb ragu and pasta

Lamb Ragu

- for fussy eaters-


Delicate taste, ideal for sensible palates, it pairs perfectly with rigatoni or short pasta!

Perfect for a quick lunch or to pack for work, Lamb ragu will fuel you through the day! 

Naturally Gluten & Dairy-Free. No preservatives, sugars or artificial ingredients.

Venison Ragu

- for the braves-


Stronger flavour, ideal with longer pasta or for a romantic dinner. 

Aromatised with juniper berries, all our venison comes from Scotland. Naturally low on fat, it's as healthy as it can be! 

Naturally Gluten & Dairy-Free. No preservatives, sugars or artificial ingredients.

Luxurious Venison Pappardelle
Mediterranean diet


- missing the beach-


With Tuna, Capers and Olives!


This is a refreshing pasta sauce packed with flavour and perfect to pair with both short and long pasta.

You could even make a pizza with it for a fun cooking project with your kids.

Enjoy the flavours of the Mediterranean sea in a delicious blend!

Naturally Gluten & Dairy-Free. No preservatives, sugars or artificial ingredients.

Seitan Ragu

- we got no beef with you - 


 Perfect for all your Vegan and Vegetarians family members!


Seitan ragu has a unique texture and flavour and it's a perfect meat replacement! 

Developed with Queen Margaret University's staff (Edinburgh) this is an amazing combination of ingredients to achieve an outstanding flavours palette! 

This product contains gluten.

Easy Vegan Meal
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