Meatballs.. in a jar!


EPRONTO Meatballs in tomato sauce are the new hot product of 2021

Meatballs in a jar is the result of one of our best selling products, packed in a convenient and easy to use jar. 


Because we know you love healthy and tasty products. 

And we know you do not always have the time to make them from scratch. 

EPRONTO strives to promote a healthy lifestyle, this is why our products are as healthy as they can be, and as easy to use as possible.

Meatballs in tomato sauce are a complete meal solution. 




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Only needs 2 minutes to be heated up

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Made with locally sourced ingredients and FREE from artificial additions.

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Full of flavour

Handmade following Traditional Italian recipe for a flavourfull dish.

Product details

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Combining convenience and traditional Italian dishes.

Cateritaly has been focusing on complete sauces with meats and vegetables included, a ready to eat meal packed in glass jars without compromising on health-related factors. By using fresh ingredients and locally sourced meats, Cateritaly has launched the brand EPRONTO, which originally included traditional Italian pasta sauces and ragus.


Now, EPRONTO has created a unique long shelf-life meatball recipe packed with flavour. The production is completely handmade, and the company is currently engaging in crowdfunding activities to get the product ready for release to the public.


Company owner and chef Francesca Cingano is the mastermind behind this meatball recipe, which was originally enjoyed by customers while catering events took place.

EPRONTO is focused on the convenience and healthy aspects of traditional and authentic ragu from the Italian region of Veneto, having launched five products in total since the creation of the brand, 2 years ago.

Linda Bianchin, business manager and head of marketing at CATERITALY LTD, added:


“Our inspiration for the creation of our ragu line and the meatballs comes from changing lifestyles; the consumer market has seen an overall increase in interest for healthier alternatives, however the time that individuals are willing to dedicate to the cooking of healthy recipes has diminished and ready to eat meals are still the preferred go to. It’s sad that ready to eat options are more than often rich in unhealthy substances (added sugars, high in salt, artificial flavours and preservatives) and we want to change that. Our meatballs are a very well known and loved product, so much so that it was one of our bestsellers when we were doing catering. It was just a matter of time until we decided to pack our meatballs in a convenient jar for any occasion!”

Cateritaly Ltd and its brand EPRONTO are constantly striving to find healthy alternatives and improve sustainability efforts. The company aims to deliver a healthy food alternative and care for the environment at the same time. Currently, the biggest challenge in terms of sustainability is getting rid of plastic-based bubble wrap. The team plans to invest on alternative solutions following the crowdfunding campaign for the launch of the Meatballs.