Lamb ragu with rigatoni


Made with delicious lamb mince, this ragu has a delicate taste and goes extremely well with Gnocchi.

With a rich texture and unique taste, this is ideal for grown-ups and children and is perfect for a simple Shepard's Pie.

In Italy, lamb ragu is translated as "Ragu di Agnello" and it's considered a delicacy for special occasions.


Tomatoes 52.9%, Lamb mince 26.5%, Carrots 6.3%, Red onions 6.3%, Celery 6.3%, Extra virgin olive oil 1.3%, Salt 0.3%, Pepper, Rosemary, Bay leaves, Acidity Regulator (E330).

Allergens: Celery

Nutritional Info:

Shelf Life: 

This product currently has a 2 year shelf life. You can keep it in your cupboard until you open it, then store in the fridge for a maximum of 5 days (between 0-4 degrees Celsius)

Products Size: 

We currently have this product in 2 different sizes: 

- 250 grams (perfect for 1-2 portions)

- 500 grams (perfect for 4-5 portions)

Lamb Reviews

Happy family

We have a bowl of pasta with your lamb ragu almost every day! It's delicious!

Another fantastic Ragu

This is another fantastic tasting Ragu from this seller. This Lamb Ragu is absolutely delicious with pasta very tasty indeed. The flavour & taste are yummy. I’ve also got the Bolognese Ragu & that is super delicious to. I’ve yet to try the venison Ragu, but I’m sure I will be putting a order in for that one sometime. These Ragu’s are so handy to have in my kitchen cupboard for a quick meal. Myself and my family just love these Ragu’s & we all highly recommend them. Well worth the money.

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