Bolognese Ragu

Made with Beef & Pork mince meat, this is the delicious Bolognese you would find on your spaghetti or lasagna at a restaurant.

Discover the antique flavour of Venetian plates. Our ragu has simmered for a long time for you to taste a succulent sauce packed with flavour.

Bolognese Ragu is commonly known just as 'ragú' in Italy, and this one is just like our grandma makes it: tasty, juicy and made with lots of love.

Perfect for a romantic dinner for two or a practical family meal, this ragu comes ready to be poured onto cooked pasta!


Tomatoes 59.4%, Pork mince 12.7%, Beef mince 12.7%, Carrots 4.3%, Red Onions 4.3%, Celery 4.3%, white wine (Sulphur Dioxide) 0.4%, Extra Virgin Olive Oil 0.8%, Bacon 0.8%, Salt 0.2%, Basil, Pepper, Thyme, Bay leaves, Acidity Regulator (E330)

Allergens: Sulphur Dioxide, Celery.

Nutritional Info:

Shelf Life: 

This product currently has a 2 year shelf life. You can keep it in your cupboard until you open it, then store in the fridge for a maximum of 5 days (between 0-4 degrees Celsius)

Products Size: 

We currently have this product in 2 different sizes: 

- 250 grams (perfect for 1-2 portions)

- 500 grams (perfect for 4-5 portions)

Bolognese Ragu

Bolognese Reviews

Quick, Easy, and Delicious

Amazing stuff! So good I don’t want to write a review and then it sells out! Makes a quick easy delicious meal mixed with pasta. All you need. So tasty.

Best tasting Bolognese Ragu

Firstly fast delivery ( within 2 days) and packed with care, nicely packed with bubble wrap and all came in good condition. They have a very good best before date. but believe you me, myself and my family will of eaten them before that This is the Best tasting Ragu.

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