Black Friday Deal

This is EPRONTO very FIRST Black Friday... so we hope we are doing this right! 

We want to give you the chance to try ALL our products!

ONLY  £15 and with FREE Shipping! 

Black Friday Flash sale will start on the 27th of November at 12 am and last for 24 hours, until midnight! 

Our Special Offer: 

- Bolognese Ragu 250g

- Lamb Ragu 250g

- Venison Ragu 250g

- Mediterranean Ragu 250g

- Seitan Ragu (Vegan) 250g 


 For ONLY £15 with FREE Shipping!

Use code:  BLACKFRIDAY at the checkout to trigger the discount!* 

* Discount starts from 12 am on the 27th and finished at midnight on the 27th November.

Save 30%



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What is this Ragu? 

It's the perfect cupboard item to cook delicious meals in minutes.  

It's a pasta condiment packed with nutritious meat, ready to eat and practical.

Healthy - No preservatives - Low on sodium - No additional Sugar - No artificial flavourings. 

Just as our Nonna makes it. 

We have the PERFECT solution for EVERYONE!

- delicate palates 

- special dietary requirement 

- Vegans

Have a look at our range below! 

Explore Our Range

Bolognese Ragu


Traditional, with Beef & Pork. 


You would order it at the restaurant, and now you have it available in you cupboard with our 500g jars! 

Easy lunch and dinners!


Naturally Gluten & dairy-Free. 

Spaghetti Bolognese
Lamb Ragu with rigatoni

Lamb Ragu


 Delicate taste, ideal for sensible palates, it pairs perfectly with rigatoni!

Perfect for a quick lunch or to pack for work, Lamb ragu will fuel you through the day! 

Naturally Gluten and Dairy Free.

Venison Ragu


Stronger flavour, ideal with longer pasta or for a romantic dinner. 

Aromatised with juniper berries, all our venison comes from Scotland. Naturally low on fat, it's as healthy as it can be! 

Naturally Gluten Free and Dairy Free.

Venison Ragu with pappardelle
Mediterranean diet



With Tuna, Capers and Olives!


This is a refreshing pasta sauce packed with flavour and perfect to pair with both short and long pasta.

You could even make a pizza with it! 

Enjoy the flavours of the Mediterranean sea in a delicious blend!

Naturally Gluten and Dairy Free

Seitan Ragu


 Perfect for Vegans!


Seitan ragu has a unique texture and flavour and it's a perfect meat replacement! 

Developed with Queen Margaret University's staff (Edinburgh) this is an amazing combination of ingredients to achieve an outstanding flavours palette! 

This product contains gluten but is naturally dairy-free.

Seitan Ragu, meat alternative
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