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Incredibly Easy, Healthy & Quick Italian Recipes​

The perfect gift for your favourite foodies!

The best of the Italian Cuisine,
ready for you to use,

Cook smart, not hard! 

A classic Italian pasta is always a fantastic option for lunch or dinners... it's simplest and faster than ever to prepare an authentic Italian, restaurant style, meal!


Easy cooking 
smart cupboard items

Guilt free 
Low calories

Healthy & Nutritious
high protein

Fast cooking
Ready to use products

Gluten Free

Dairy Free

Rich in meat

ready to use

Quick & Easy meals 

Gluten Free

EPRONTO is the perfect gift idea for who: 

- Loves the Italian Cuisine 

- Loves Pasta!

- Has little time to cook

- loves to eat healthy


EPRONTO is ambient and does not need refrigeration! 

This means it can be enjoyed whenever you like.

EPRONTO contains meat - it's a ready to eat ragu!

It's a great, smart, cupboard item that will make a quick meal in time of need!

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What is Special about EPRONTO Ragu?

Within the Italian cuisine, ragù is a meat-based sauce that is commonly served with pasta. 

Made with sautéed vegetables and tasty meats, the most typical is ragù alla Bolognese, with beef and pork.

ÉPRONTO's Ragú is based on our Nonna's recipes, made with locally sourced ingredients in a completely artisanal way. 

Packed with flavour, it brings the Italian culinary experience straight to your home.

Easy and quick to use, it's the perfect time saver for fantastic meals.

EPRONTO is AMBIENT: this means that until you open it, it does not need to be refrigerated. 

Time Saver

Enjoy stress free meals ready in less than ten minutes.

What's for dinner?

 Bolognese spaghetti is a great option!

Traditional & Artisanal

You'll find yourself wondering if you are in Italy already! Our artisanal approach ensures a product free of artificial ingredients.

Complete with meat

EPRONTO is ready to use, no need to add meat to it.. it's a complete solution!

Pop it open and get lunch on the table!

Hear it from our customers:

Absolutely love these!

My 3 and 5 yr old daughters devoured the Mediterranean pasta sauce, I’m about to stock up on a fair bit more. The venison is delicious too, and so easy and quick. Highly recommended

- Siobhan

All 3 flavours in the selection pack are very good.
Meat eaters are not very well catered for in jars of pasta sauce so these fill a hole and are very tasty.

- J.W.Parker

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