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Looking to add a NEW PRODUCT on your shelves?
You might just be in the right place!

EPRONTO presents ready to eat Italian pasta sauces & ready meals options, in jars. 
Our products are Healthy, Genuine, and Artisanal.

Made to make life Easier, Tastier and Healthier!


​EPRONTO In a nutshell

Pasta sauces and ready meal (Meatballs) complete with meats and veggies! 

  • Produced in Scotland, with family recipes

  • Complete with meat - no need to add anything

  • RSPCA Meats & Locally sourced ingredients

  • Eco-Friendly Packaging (as much as possible)​

  • 2 years shelf life, ambient packed. 

What's special about EPRONTO? 

It's a fantastic TIME SAVING.


Low on sodium

No added sugars. 

Low calories

No artificial ingredients

Gluten & Dairy Free options


A taste of Italy packed in an ambient, smart food product.


Versatile for the simplest recipes

and for more complicated ones 

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EPRONTO in the market


Moving towards healthy options

With the development of the last year, consumers have become more attentive to ingredients choices and the overall healthiness of products. 

Epronto responds well to this need by providing genuine products with no artificial ingredients and and artisanal production method.

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busy life is back

With the end on lockdown and restrictions easing, we see the return of hectic schedules. 

This results in an increase in demand for ready to eat products and meals solutions. 

EPRONTO is a time saver by definition, as no further preparation is necessary, AND is ambient, so no need to worry about spoilage.

 Meatballs in tomato sauce, present a complete ready meal solution.


Reconnecting with flavours

 Consumers are interested in innovative flavours and rediscovery of traditional dishes.

With the Italian cuisine maintaining it's dominance in the pasta sauce market, EPRONTO brings 4 innovative flavours to the table: Lamb Ragu, Venison Ragu, Seitan ragu (vegan) and Mediterranean, on top of the most known Bolognese Ragu.

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