ARANCINI DI RISO recipe with bolognese ragu

This is a very typical southern Italy recipe, the name is controversial, some say arancini and some say arancine, and depending on the part of Sicily where they come from they can be rounded like a ball or with a point (like Montalbano ones). The proceeding is basically the same.

This is of course the EPRONTO version.

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Serves 4 portions


Short grain rice 300 grams



Saffron (1 pinch)

25 grams butter

1 tbsp grated Parmigiano

1 jar 250 grams of your favourite EPRONTO ragu`

Some frozen peas

1 mozzarella cheese

2 Eggs



Frying oil

Frying pan

Useful items

Some plates, deep frying pan, spoons, kitchen paper, large oven dish or silicone mat, colander


Cook the rice in boiling water, salty (10 grams salt per litre of water). For a better colour it is possible to add a pinch of saffron to the water. When rice is cooked and tender, drain it, season with 25 grams butter and 1 tbsp of grated Parmigiano, then spread the rice onto a work surface as thin as possible and let it cool completely.


In the meantime, reheat your favourite EPRONTO ragu` to thicken it, stirring often to avoid burning. Cut mozzarella into pieces and set it aside, possibly in a colander to dry. Using frozen peas, take 2 tbsps aside, they defrost very quickly.


Wet your hands, take a part of spreaded rice as big as your hand, put a spoonful or ragu, some peas and some mozzarella, then add on top another piece of spreaded rice (it should be a bit gluey), and with both hands close a ball. (The first time it is a bit tricky) Set it aside in a plate, continue until ingredients last.


In a deep fryer or in a deep pan heat some frying oil until 180 degrees. While it is heating, coat arancini:


In a plate beat 2 eggs with a pinch of salt, in another plate or on some kitchen paper pour some flour and in another some breadcrumbs. Roll each ball in flour, then in eggs and last in breadcrumbs, let them adhere to the surface.


The oil is ready when a cube of day old bread turns brown in 30 seconds, or when dipping a wooden spoon handle lots of small balls come out.  Deep fry until golden.


Drain on kitchen paper and serve.


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