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About Us


Nonna Ada's Ragu Recipe. 

Our Nonna makes the best Ragu

Nonno Ilario makes the best tagliatelle and homemade pasta

It all starts with our love for our Nonni's kitchen

"The one thing, I will always treasure, it's how delicious grandma lasagnas are.. and how nice it is, to share them with people I love. " - Linda


The Creators

Franco Bianchin

Director & Executive Chef

Franco, also known as Papa' in the kitchen, is our director and lead chef.

He is a number guy with a funny sense of humour and lots of positivity! Always looking out for the next improvement, he is happy when things run smoothly. 

Hobbies: chess, coding, web design and tasty food

The Creators

Francesca Cingano

Sous-Chef & Sales

Francesca, also known as Mamma, is a creative mind.

She is always looking out for new recipes and new products to be developed. She loves good food and is always looking out for her and her family health. 

She loves to interact with people and is a pleasure to converse with, she loves to learn.

Hobbies: quilts, cooking and walking.

The Creators

Linda Bianchin

Business Manager

Linda is Franco and Francesca's first daughter, which is currently in charge of business development. Fresh out of university with a Business Management degree, she is eager to learn how to put everything into practice. 

She loves when things go according to plan and welcomes any constructive criticisms. She does not perform well when she is hungry.

Hobbies: drawing and driving.

The Creators

Lucia Bianchin


Lucia is Franco and Francesca's second daughter, which recently graduated university.

She is in charge of social media marketing as she has a creative mind. She loves good food and is herself a really good cook! 

Hobbies: cats, drawing and nail art.

The Creators

Cateritaly Ltd

The Kitchen

Cateritaly Ltd is where our journey as Italian food producers began. From 2016, we have cooked delicious authentic Italian meals and buffets for events in central Scotland and with the 2020 pandemic, we officially moved from being a catering business to food manufacturers. 

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