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Italian Recipes,

handmade in Scotland


Healthy Pasta Sauces & Ragù from our family Venetians' traditions

Our family business started in Glasgow in 2016, following our family's passion for authentic, rustic and homely Italian cuisine.

What is Ragu? 

In Italian cuisine, ragù is a meat-based sauce that is commonly served with pasta.

Made with sautéed vegetables and tasty meats, the most typical is ragù alla Bolognese, with beef and pork.

ÉPRONTO's Ragú is based on our Nonna's recipes, made with locally sourced ingredients in a completely artisanal way, it brings the Italian culinary experience straight to your home.

Easy and quick to use, it's the perfect time saver for fantastic meals.

Traditional ragu


Collection of Bolognese, Lamb and Venison Ragus in 250g jars.

Discover the traditional Italian cuisine at home, packed with flavour, meats and veggies for an easy and quick meal.

Ideal for 2 portions.

New Entries



deliciously refreshing with tuna & olives

 Seitan Ragu

perfect vegan meat alternative to Bolognese.

Ideal for 2 portions.

Big sizes


Ideal for families,

loved by parents and children!

Available for Bolognese, Lamb and Venison Ragu.

 Suits 4/5 portions easily.


New Product coming soon:

Meatballs in tomato Sauce! 

Help us launch this product: check out our crowdfunding campaign! 

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children meals ideas

From Padova to Glasgow

Behind EPRONTO is the Bianchin Family, originally from Padova, Italy. We moved to Scotland in 2014 and opened our catering business, Cateritaly, in 2016. We have been developing our ragù range since 2017! 


"É PRONTO!" is used by every Italian mother and grandmother to gather the family around the table.

It translates exactly to "It's ready".


We believe that having a balanced diet is the best way to live life to it's fullest. 

The food we eat MATTERS to improve our lifestyle and our health. 

Check out our easy guide to the Mediterranean diet!



What can you make with Ragu? 

Ragu is an extremely versatile and smart food cupboard item. 

A quick pasta would always be its best intended use, however it's great to make stuffed ravioli, burritos, nachos and so many more things that require a meaty addition. 

EPRONTO is a time saver: we simmer our ragu for hours so you don't have to.

Vegan meals
Seitan ragu meal alternative plant based

What our customer say

Bolognese Ragu

Amazing stuff! So good I don’t want to write a review and then it sells out! Makes a quick easy delicious meal mixed with pasta. All you need. So tasty.

Venison Ragu

I tried tonight the epronto venison ragù.
It was delicious, a reach flavour that reminded of my gran cooking back in Italy.
I had not tagliatelle or the recommended pasta so used the penne pasta. The ragù blended very well! So tasty! I recommend 100% can’t wait for when I’ll be able to invite friends over for dinner and cook it for them. Easy and tasty 🙂

Seitan Ragu

I tried the Seitan Ragu - would highly recommend and I'm looking forward to trying some of the other dishes now

Tased amazing and so easy to make as a quick lunch or dinner!

Pasta sauces and ragu


For us, taking care of the environment is as important as having a healthy diet and caring for your own body. 

We are always looking out for a way to be more sustainable while sourcing our raw materials and our packaging.

Our meats are as locally sourced as possible and RSPCA Assured (against animal cruelty).

We are committed to decrease our waste and to recycle as much as possible.

Professional Membership & Accreditations