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authentic Italian ragu sauces

handmade in Scotland


Healthy ragu (Pasta sauce) from our family's Venetian traditions

Our family business started in Glasgow in 2016, following our family's passion for authentic, rustic and homely Italian cuisine.

What is  special about Ragu? 

In Italian cuisine, ragu is a meat sauce that is commonly served with pasta.

Made with sautéed vegetables and tasty meats, the most typical is ragu alla Bolognese, with beef and pork.

ÉPRONTO's Ragú is based on our Nonna's recipes, made with locally sourced ingredients in a completely artisanal way, it brings the Italian culinary experience straight to your home.

Easy and quick to use, it's the perfect time-saver for fantastic meals.

Easy & Versatile
smart cupboard items

Guilt free 
Low calories

Healthy & Nutritious
high protein

Fast cooking
Ready to use products

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Traditional: Bolognese, Lamb & venison Ragu


Original recipes: Mediterranean & Seitan ragu


Complete meal: Meatballs in Tomato Sauce

Epronto Stew x Website.jpg
The classic beef stew with tender beef, peas and potatoes. Everyone will love it.



family Size - Traditional ragu